Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Partying with the stars: The Lambeth Workhouse sees happier times with the relatives of little William Goodman!

Hello Everyone!

Well, what can I say?.......

It is not everyday you get a phone call from America and your favourite historian at your party in the same day, but on the 17th November it was a reality for one very happy birthday girl, me :) ! This post will be a little bit different to my normal blog rambles, purely because I feel I have to mention some people and some things in order to thank those who really deserve it.

Kieran and I: A silent film extravaganza! 

It was a no brainer to have it in the Cinema Museum. Firstly it is of course the home of the Lambeth Workhouse and secondly it is where of course Charlie spent some time with a relative of mine, William Goodman. I had been planning it for months and was so excited when the day finally came. The theme was "The Golden age of Hollywood" and I choose to go as my favourite of Charlie's leading ladies, Mabel Normand.

The beautiful Mabel Normand.
It was quite an emotional night! Not only because all of my loved ones were in a place of absolute joy and hero worship for me but because for the first time ever there were three generations of little Williams relatives under the same roof he had spent time nearly one hundred years ago. Below from left to right is my cousins Leigh, me, Leah and Natalie. We all have a slight resemblance with little William's feature deep in all of us!

A family do full circle!

I think the show however was stolen by my beautiful godson Jayden who not only sat with me watching a ridiculous amount of Keystone movies but who also allowed me to dress him as Jackie Coogan in the Kid and followed my very own Chaplin, Kieran around all night!

Cutest Kid on the block :)

Jayden loved the vintage cinema room downstairs that showed all the greats with a pop corn machine and all the fizz a small person could drink! Sat upon my lap and cuddled into my chest he reminded me why these films reach various generations! It is because they are so simplistic but so very beautiful and intricate. They allow you to step back in time and laugh without the need to be dazzled by pointless special effects when a good storyline and plenty of gags will do!

Charlie and Mabel

From Mabel and Charlie to Jessica Rabbit and Groucho Marx, everyone made such an effort and I do not think I will be able to thank them all enough from the bottom of my heart. I was given some amazing presents including a Chaplin cane, an autograph and an original Limelight programme from the 1952 premiere.

Kieran as Charlie.

Well thank you for reading this slight babble on! I promise normal Charlie's London work will resume in the next couple of days! Thank you for following, reading and enjoying!

All My Love

Ayse x

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